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U-Mask Gift Card

U-Mask Gift Card

U-Mask makes for a fantastic, fashionable gift but with all of the colours available, we understand that it can be difficult to know which one to buy for a friend, colleague or family member.

Would they look better in a brighter colour or a pastel shade? Are they an Admiral or better suited to the Army? Would they love to be charitable and stylish with (PRODUCT)RED?

This gift card means that you no longer have to choose. You can give the gift of U-Mask without having to make the all-important choice. Up to 200 hours of protection, a self-sanitising and anti-proliferative filter, and they get to choose the colour or colours that they want.

The gift card is available in amounts ranging from €50-200 so whether you wish to give one U-Mask or keep your loved ones protected for longer, we’ve got you covered.


You will be sent an email with a code after purchase. Simply input the code at checkout for the gift card to take effect.

The gift card can only be spent online on www.u-maskstore.eu and not at any physical locations.