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U-mask waterproof classic gessato blue - u-mask, biotech pollution mask
U-mask gessato blue, anti pollution mask
U-mask waterproof classic gessato blue - u-mask, biotech pollution mask

U-Mask Waterproof Classic Gessato Blue

When is your health we are talking about only the best applies. U-earth is an international biotechnology company specialized in air purification, promoter of the Pure Air Zone project worldwide. Besides having designed AIRcel, the most powerful professional air purifier in the world, U-earth has developed on the same principles U-mask, the first Urban Biotech mask in the world. An internal exclusive biolayer entrenched with enzymes provides the highest protection on the market from urban air pollution. No more heavy metals shooting up your nose to your brain while riding in traffic !

See video on how it works here.

U-mask waterproof is a single sided cover, in a soft, eggshell touch nylon fabric and micro holes on the front for easier breathing.

The premium package contains

  • one cover,
  • one refill ( which will last up to 1 year after opening the pack),
  • two sets of elastic ear bands
  • a special envelope to carry your U-mask in your bag while you are not using it.

Extra REFILs can be purchased separately as a replacement for your everlasting cover.

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