Important Information:

U-Mask helps to limit cross-contamination of viruses and bacteria for both the wearer and the surrounding environment/people. Therefore, it helps reducing the contagion between people. The more people wear protection at the same time, the better the overall protection to pathogens there will be.

If the U-Mask user (wearer) already has a known or unknown infection, disease, respiratory problem or any other viral or non-viral disease, U-Mask will not be able to provide protection to that user. However, it will greatly help to limit the contagion to other users. 

U-Mask will help to prevent contagion via respiratory airways only. If a user touches an infected surface, person, animal or any other element, and subsequently touches his/her eyes, mouth, nose, ears, U-Mask cannot provide protection. 

It is important that everyone is aware that protection against viruses, bacteria and airborne pathogens is responsibility of the single individual, with all the efforts to make sure that all the necessary sanitary, hygienic, health and contagion precautions are taken.

As a consequence, U-Mask, U-Earth Biotech or any other branch directly related to U-Earth Biotech Ltd or U-Mask decline any responsibility related to contagion of COVID-19 or any other viral virus, as well as all the side effects and potential developments or deteriorations of a user's health.