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U-Mask Model Two Cloud
U-Mask Model Two Cloud

U-Mask Model Two Cloud

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It contains:

  • 1 super comfortable cover in Econyl® Lycra (the outer part)
  • 1 refill with 4 filtration layers, with our exclusive bio-active layer by U-Earth
  • 1 illustrative flyer with all the specs
  • Everything is 100% made in Italy

Every purchase of U-Mask contributes to donating U-Earth Air Purifiers to Italian hospitals to fight COVID-19. Our #wartocovid has started!

Important points before purchasing: 

  1. Given the virus outbreak in Italy, non-European countries might block at customs incoming packages containing masks. U-Mask and U-Earth will not be responsible for any loss or seizure by local customs nor any potential reimbursement. Please check your country's current import laws before purchasing 

  2. If the masks are sold out, come back the next day.
    We have a very high demand for masks for a wide range of people, companies, and institutions. As we produce the masks daily, we will update our stock constantly to make sure that the quantities available are precise. Please, come back the next day in case the products appear to be sold out.

  3. Shipping to permitted countries might still be delayed
    Please note that due to the virus global outbreak, shipping can be delayed or put on hold for reasons out of our control. We will give you an indicative shipping timing but will likely be varied depending on each country. U-Mask and U-Earth will not be responsible for eventual delays as it is out of our control, unfortunately.


For care instructions, please read here